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To entrust Sekoia with a job is to take another look at services, to expect excellence and to participate in the social inclusion and solidarity economy.

Who Are We ?

Sekoia Services SA is a Swiss private company, providing advice and services in organization, human resources, administration, and marketing.

Created in 2003, it is still owned by its three founding partners.

Our offices and workspaces are located in Onex (in the Canton of Geneva, in Switzerland).

Our Mission

Sekoia’s vocation is to help its clients develop their businesses in a sustainable way by taking care of tasks that are further from their core business, at affordable costs.

As a company committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, it takes part in helping people who have been marginalized return to work, through its integrated workspaces.

Entrepreneurs, independent contractors, institutions, associations and organizations can fully devote themselves to their business, Sekoia will take care of the rest !

Our Services

Our expertise includes a large range of services that allows us to support you and manage your everyday tasks. We bring you personalized solutions in all areas outside of your main business activity.

We also have a large range of tools (some of which are exclusive and/or developed by us) and a network of partners with which we have developed close collaborations in order to offer you a line of specialized and complete services.

Our Commitment

We seek to establish a long-term partnership with our clients by prioritizing a close relationship. By immersing ourselves in your environment and your organization, with dedicated, accessible account managers, we are able to propose customized solutions.

A la carte, occasional, or regular services are carried out by a multidisciplinary team. External perspective, expertise and know-how are the foundation of the services we offer. Our services, based upon values and an established business culture, always seek one goal: to provide you the service that is the most logical and adapted to your needs.

Origin of the Name Sekoia

“Mr. Sequoyah,” also known by the name George Guess, Guest or Gist, born around 1767, was a Cherokee silversmith and inventor of the Cherokee alphabet.

It seems that the name Sequoyah was derived from the Cherokee word “sikwa” which is a reference to a deformity of his foot that was either a childhood deformity or was the result of a later injury.

He invented an ingenious and original alphabet that allowed the Cherokee language to be written. This was twelve years of work for him. This alphabet, officially adopted by the Cherokee Nation in 1825, is still used today. This is one of the most impressive intellectual undertakings by one man.

Following this, Sequoyah worked on creating a universal alphabet for all the Native American tribes and tried to reunite the Cherokee diaspora. He thus established communication and information sharing for an entire nation.

His name was given to a tree, the sequoia, because of his strength and determination. This dedication was made by Austrian botanist Stephan Ladislaus Endlicher.

Sequoyah demonstrated that a handicap in no way limits ingenuity or the capacity to unite people, establish dialog, and promote discussion. The tree is a symbol for stability, greatness, and durability.

Sekoia invites you to share its values and its commitment to a sustainable economy.